Wednesday 26 October 2022


It's a really really good idea.
I shall at some point soon put up here a recording of a chat with a truly great man  - 29, should be 'candidate' in one of my regional swing seats.

He was a 'looked after child' but he's a grown up now so he needs to shut up about that, and focus on his superb spirit. And intelligence.

My idea to begin a sort of grassroots campaign where ordinary people ask other ordinary people - but the more educated and balanced (i know  - its hard to 'discriminate' as that also becomes anti democratic at a deep philosophical level) whether or not we should risk nudging EEA or EU membership back into parliament.  
Asking that question WITHOUT 'leading comment' 
And if a decent majority say yes then a strategic voting campaign across many constituencies must begin. As only libdems increasing their vote substantially will result in that question possibly going back to parliament.

However even his intelligence is so so blinkered. They - the real politicos - he works in the local Libdem office, and is the strategy wonk for a large rich constituency, is tragically unaware of a world famous interesting political 'parallel' - a 2016 referendum which went 48/52 'against' the goodie side...  and then a CIA backed anti democratic coup 2019 - against the goodie; even his opponents in the 2016 referendum mainly regarded Morales as a goodie! .  Yet by 2020 the people had sorted it all out with a more sensible backing for the goodie in elections that year which were not challenged by anyone. This is remarkable in that to go from late 2017 - the first time the people were beginning to get antzy about Morales ignoring their referendum (me THERE rah rahh...) , THROUGH what was as good as a CIA backed coup*, in late 2019 to a general election in late 2020 where Morales party MAS received a conclusive majority so the goodies were back even more im power with only around 20 dying in the protests is simply remarkable. I mean a CIA backed coup .... major unrest ..... and only 20 dead  - each a tragedy, but how simply remarkable. It should be known of as a great lesson in democracy far and wide.
SO i want to make at least a little film about some of it...maybe ....  

* to quote from but its all messy and overcomplicated - all decent journalists knew exactly this that it was a Washington backed attempt at destabilising what had been the most sublime first 10 years of a truly independent and indigenous South American administration who changed their name to this gorgeous MODERN one, officially  "Plurinational State of Bolivia"    :

13 November 2019[edit]

In the early hours of 13 November, following the proclamation of the new acting president, thousands of Morales supporters took to the street in support of their former president, calling his resignation a "Washington-backed coup d'état".[120] A crowd managed to clear the way to Bolivia's national assembly in La Paz and protested the inauguration by waving indigenous wiphala flags that by that point had become a symbol for Morales supporters