Sunday 26 February 2023

26 feb TWO per woodburner and fake therapy - The Black Swan

If a video does not work, it will be because I have posted it here - this page, but it is still uploading in fact on youtube. Speeds of upload in my region are slow.

Come back half an hour later, and it should work. I am very organised.

I shall be writing - handwriting, as it is such a lovely mellow way to work - no hurry, no need to ponder battery run-out timings...

a few essays and poems a week and also most days until i have 'it' down pat, some videos about super simple living.

Oh ...ok then, there may be a few stings woven in....

most days until.... someone tells me not to. Face to face. And my energy goes into bolstering someone else as potentially insightful into the actual real human condition....

In their work.

Even if it may have to have a two faced  people pleasing aspect to it as they need know a really maverick radically truth telling soul when i meet one. I have never heard any immigrant tell me a truth "my people would sit and watch tv about 'your' people back before i came,  and say 'my my how sad they are a mess'.." That is a truth. Myself as all my adult life a NOTBrit ...except when it comes to claiming the few great things - Pilger, the best satire, some great arthouse... 

Please note - long have i studied the models of funding for independent thoughtful material (the cleveratti call 'heterodox'). And that is ever since self publishing started to gain traction early 2010s...

The model is more or less flawed.

Ohhh my that's an "arrogant"  statement.

Take the books of Richard Bach. I liked his books they were important in the development of good thoughtful literature. I am sure he had zillions of 'fan' letters. 

And i am also quite sure he read very few of them.

A writer (thinker, muser)  and communicator is communicating THEIR journey. Their lived experience. Their insights. If they are any use (TO YOU) as a communicator they are guiding YOU via their stories and insights.

YOU.... are not part of the equation other than fellow human being, consuming... from the days of Montaigne that was so.

Why on earth a model of 'feedback' via social media comment or patreon comment or sunbstack comment, or a crowdfund is thought a positive development beggars belief - all these things requiring some bullshit polite fey 'interaction'. Interaction, other than if one were writing a book or running a website on topic, say:  Lost GREAT Architecture of SE Europe,  blown up by Croatian madmen, is entirely against the millennia long odyssey of sharing good thought.


No begging bowls here.... ever.

And anyway, mindfulness 'is' - i write a million times better when i am starving and on the cliff edge...

clambering up.

The Loving Earth project