Saturday 25 February 2023

25 feb 2023 Saturday

"ALLIES" - until a few months ago i would have said finding 'allies'  is the most important personal project of all. For the last decade.  

And only one person for years has used that word to me. And it was symbolic she did. The end of an era. Nothing to do with her as my era had already ended  - last autumn. 

I gave up  - a schism in respect of my former self of 20 years. i.e. draw a line in the sand,  and give up 20 years caring...  no more 'causes', ever. There was no point in a society so two faced and lost it cannot end well. I read proper historical fiction all my adult life, by the great minds - Mary Ann Evans, the greatest of them all. Brave and true. Authentic no matter what. And i know how this ends. If anyone can  

Give up, line drawn in the sand, only now to write and 'broadcast' a few truths of the reality of this society.  Those i have chronicled so accurately the last 7 years, especially. Landloping. 

Ideally the stories will be at times quite poetical. All is just the same cant and vanity even the Christians managed to get into their bible..

Simply tell good stories and in respect of how fait accompli (accepting reality) and super simple living  are the key to a far far more healthy and happy daily existence and if you wish 'mental health'.

There are a dozen Silas Marners in my diaries and recordings the last decade. And there are a dozen One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovichs,  too....figuratively speaking of course. But i don't claim such things melodramatically unless the nett effects of the behaviour of so many encountered, unless as sure as ferrets are ferrets... that is the truth.


I have many video segments made this morning about simplest, efficient, zenned, living. And how it gives you, in turn, time and ENERGY, for the far ore wholesome important things in life - good for the soul and life force no matter what..or who may be dragging you down, Even if by accident



After a remarkable, interesting morning of unplanned controversial real life chats - with vicars to a fabulous honest couple explaining to me at length how even i Pembrokeshire dodgy London and city money has now perverted their idyllic communities, I know that the schism is good and true... there will be no balanced life anywhere in this land. ( i mean the whole country).

I do not do cheap naming and shaming, or scandal mongering.

In this film clip there are stories of two public figures - one world famous, the other a highup environmentalist who takes public money to protect the environment.  Both i have the best evidence committed terrible unlawful acts of cruelty against protected animals. I do not name them...

And i neglected to point out adequately as context and nuance, when missing,  in this age of the infantalised few lines your messaging made so many sadly 'moron', is important:

The  badger set destroyed July 2020, by a family who take a LOT of money and admiration for green campaigning, was in fact the largest by far 'sanctuary' set in a region of about 30 or 40 square miles. What I mean by that - and i know as for years i landloped around that region monitoring wildlife and just walking, as it is ACTUAL 'health', is that in my (soon to be left behind forever) region - right on the English Welsh border,  over the last decade smaller badger sets  - those with perhaps 3 or 4 active burrows, have been interfered with by farmers. They do it subtly in places where walkers may more frequently pass. One hole at a time. It could almost be seen as some natural accident.

 So, in short, over 3 or 4 years i saw half a dozen sets gradually go lifeless. This saddened me immensely. And then one day about 45 years ago i stumbled across the largest badger set i had seen by far for years. It was on a very steep overgrown bank of 5 or 10 acres.  Land, high up - near the line where the land becomes moorland,  which was completely unusable for agriculture. And to my wonderment  on that bank hidden away behind dense thickets of brambles, bracken and overgrowth were at least a dozen huge fresh burrows.  The badgers from all around had clearly found 'sanctuary' here.

And for several years occasionally i would go and have a look - happy that the famers' carnage had been thwarted by clever brock. And i would also see that clearly no one else even knew this huge set was here as i never saw any evidence of footfall. I can track.

Until one day...July 2020 

Schism = give up..i gave up... there is NO hope...

...when even the county environmental spokesperson and very very active supporter of Extinction Rebellion, commits truly awful and illegal acts of animal cruelty - confessing actual lawbreaking  into my pocket recorder a few months later... with no conscience. Your society has no hope.

Except the above is in fact what is of lesser interest.

What is REALITY, and of far more real interest, is the year 9 month period following. And every moment is recorded and fully chronicled. When so so carefully - in genuine fear for my life.