Monday 27 February 2023

Note to publisher or 'gatekeeper'

 The jotting and waffle in here is simply the product of ten years roaming a little - I prefer the word landloper.

I have ben landloper around a region - The Marches, engaging with a range of the chatteratti - 'right thinking people', or in shorthand language the 'Guardian Readers'. Many drifted into my region the last few decades - sort of drawn by the theme park that is Hay-on-Wye. Those who couldn't afford the absurd Hay house prices would set up in adjoining towns.

This from and during the 'green' upswell (from 2014 when it seemed Green party candidates were getting more interest), into the years of BREXIT... and of course 2020. Being very rural the lockdown regime did not in reality effect us much in the backwaters. 

I put up video  - none scripted, none rehearsed, none ever edited (i do not have an adequate laptop - speeds to slow) to show that if necessary I can speak.

I have a huge 'chronicle' of theses wanderings. It is good. And I intend now in one place - here, collecting observations (from these wanderings) and writing essays about the stories as i went along.

It is a 'schism' because for so many reasons - all quite straightforward and clear, there wasn't much hope. All attempts at egalitarian talk based on universal human rights, failed.  I mean the rights of those in the bottom third to have decent accommodation, and be treated with some respect by landlords and the like.

But i have all my adult life (though i eft school at 16) been a reader of proper books. Thomas Berhard's Extinction, almost a  bible of mine - a truth telling book, quite poetical, and CHALLENGING via satire, our chatteratti class to do a little better.

Society cannot progress unless we have a decent record of the 'truth'. I do.

Long I  have written - 13 years creatively in certain formats, before that in a more prosaic manner that even is lodged in the legal history books; and i do like a  bit of 'stream of consciousness' -  which i can do jolly well. But i wish some serious backing so that at least in the future i can go off and do some travel writing  - which will be the real version. Not the Disney version. 

In fact in an era where it seems to me even the 'heterodox' thinkers, writers, and broadcasters,  actually do inhabit a Disney version of almost all of life, I reckon i am fairly unique.

I do not believe in the words 'podcast' 'vlogger' 'blogger'. The fine old word 'broadcast'  - the person of 'authority' and standing to some extent at least, broadcasting their seed as the farmer does with his - where the word came from. Not-so-old 'elders' leaving behind a bit of truth talk. Which will be in a mixture of formats.  Ideally engaging so future folk will enjoy it. 

I know from many years carefully studying all sorts of aspects of  learning that the information goes IN and stays IN far better if it is the written word.

next up the list if it is audio only

And least good of all moving pictures.

The mix here will always have that in mind. Buti the real world of course video lures in the potentially interested person so i shall start with a little of that.

To be continued.