Wednesday 1 March 2023


 I know from many years pondering whilst BEing, 

that to get to the very simplest mode, it is necessary to

temporarily complexify.

As today is launch.

Complexifying to gradually super simplify, takes a few days.

Meanwhile back in the land of the lost:

I never in any way identify anyone unless they take a large amount of public money or attention. And as such people who do are of no interest, in that in a long past life I inadvertently would spend time with such people at times - those in the public eye, and I know that not one is worth knowing anything about. Indeed none of them know who they are themselves. 

So we have the ultimate modern paradox back into myth and fable.

And as I am rather good at writing semi poetical fables, that mode I must return to.


Simple. The religion here.  All others being mighty suspect.