Wednesday 8 March 2023

The New Era

 Although it began two weeks ago - and I mean lifetime end of, and retain the energy only for that  new one which began 1st Jan this year, at 00.01, the significance of this picture - one of many I take to garnish the words often in the notepads, is, well, almost indescribable, the moment of pure calm, now... live as i catch up.

Good for me, But herein is almost the whole of the last forty years - Thatcherism, to chrtony capitalism, to offshore gangsters owning so much, even here.....

And.... little old me, I outlive them all..

And even here - just come to steal their sparks....

Anyone else would 'post' pictures of snowdrifts, icicles, and melodramatic misery. Never me, as I never am.