Sunday 23 April 2023

But 'that' - whatever it is?... 'personal' ... human life, impossible to have here any more.

Except, that is, with my one true combatant.

The brown man.

He and I battle and dance into the sunset.

And one thig I know it proves so beautifully, how to 'fix' any soul: 

No not by being 'nice'.

There is also this same week gone by however the time immemorial 'work'.

Simple alliance in small community over a project. not me, she... and her daughter into my eyes stated

"what a great scheme... it just may save our livelhood, and also yes create a community ...please do"

"i shall put a note in the letterbox with the link..."

"great yes please do.."

"on second thoughts i will add to this note a whatsap with the link for your ease of use...after all you are busy.."   

three days ago.

In the most backwater little not-busy spot in the most not-busy hamlet ever.

And three days later we still do not have those little blue ticks... and if we ever do, i am quite sure we wont have a "thanks for taking the time.." even if on a number asking people to  get in touch and help

The notion that ANY person can ever ever ever be thought to mean what they say, even said in front of young woman daughter.  Smilingly. In this sceptic shopping aisle

Is for only