Sunday 23 April 2023

the stories


But perhaps the best of all yesterday.

I thought i had lived it all - the curious disingenuity. By which i mean the so unnecessary kind - in small so called 'communities'... the absolute inability to even understand simple rules of life - just decent, ok, normal behaviours a....among adults. By which i mean those well into 40s who really should've the basics sorted by now... 

Which by the way are only ever to be stories of people i have liaised with in person, smilingly

And by which i is all a huge extremely funny opera to me...

Except....even her - the unhappiest walker in the hills i ever met, all along was launching herself as a joyfulness coach, telling people how to live....and love.

It really does take that biscuit ...

And there never was any hope

One thing i never do in real life is moan about real life