Sunday 9 April 2023

'One Day' #3

 Yes there is a day #2

yesterday,  but i shall have to skip forward to today. I like today

But today, as yesterday, I am engaged in DOing the day and will not manage even a first draft, yet, of many a wise little insight and observation.

Nor to upload all the little films that live on this day #3, here, and yesterday, yet to be created - as a 'post'. Tis is far ore a book and in fact when I have time - all the time in the world, soon, I will indeed write it. Fountain pen and paper. To put here.

Videos are a quick fire aide memoir, and yes i know dul people like Kris Harbour make super produced swanky videos about living 'off rid'. Nope, firstly pious and earnest does NOT 'WORK' - it never has, be it on mind body soul, or low footprit living.  

If one wishes something to 'work' - perhaps stay within the mind/body of just one person, must have a story and emotion woven in with it.

It just so happens i am rather good at that.


todays date..a date i shall never forget



lots more, in a bit....

I use the weather. it is miserable now, and am in a splendid mood - it is time, to roll this out.

Bad weather means writing.... 

I wish nothing other than to live in this mode forever, but even that takes a bit of money....and as i know t is worth a lot. It is time, soon, to monetise - somehow... because i don't believe in begging bowls.  Except one 'communal' project - film, that should have been communal for others to enjoy being in it, too... because, me, 'in' it - my my i learned so much it is daft... So i better have product, valuable enough, to sell....soon. But i cannot sell wonky goods - as all those soul doctors do. This must be perfect. Especially as in my head my muse is still there...just maybe looking in. Or maybe she was a hologram too....

But then he wasn't... and what is 'love'  ? - we got there today "that was below the belt" ... "I want you to live as log as me fatty, cos you make me laugh as i know i do you


"only us skinny people need belts, fat folk generally have to use braces....

"but lets solve it.... everything in time can be fixed, or do you believe you are god...too"

Love should be tough. And is never about words.



But then i haven't even got close to the punch line yet...

Or the start.

The beginning has to end first.

But all i know is no one knows what simplify really means any more so...

Time to weave it in all the way... damn snag though, one really poignant picture - the lists.. the pure planning to the second, because acting as if the good thing will just maybe happen, is an art, in this day and age 

....of the self...

has a name on it i didn't see. And i stick to my rules...always.....and i never doctor, but just one i may have to, not this....

This list was one-day, yesterday, every second planned to perfection; it's the ones before that tell so may stories...

of complexifying, to simplify.

Now, this is almost a mad smattering of 'content'  - for now..... it will take a whole day to sort out the last three days. Put it all in the correct sequence with little parables affixed.  But as I know it is good. I will, soon...

out of sequence, not today... but then when they are all  so pious and such liars, and worse, utterly unable to remember a sane simple human conversation with a human enquiry about something important, a few weeks prior,  it fits... 

they always remember where THEIR begging owls are of course

He remembered: "matey, limited will be RATIONED, two whatsap photos a day and none of your smut...or you are blocked, with great pleasure.. i didnt know you could until i was taught.." 

But he also knows: "matey... when we duel by a few lines of text, only, we get liminal up there with the have me laughing at your desperate litte text quips and mine, well i never knew i could rise to those levels...  add in pictures you lose it - we both do... the word is all there is... "  


nearly the end of the day