Monday 10 April 2023

The digital ascetic

 That sounds a bit silly, and inane, but I know what it means. 

 The shortform is that just opening up the facebook, with only one 'friend', and accidentally clicking on yet another 'guru' - this time a German (ok, i thought her undyed hair was interesting), and i really thought Germans knew better than to preach utter claptrap to the world, but this truly awful " i am here to channel the undying love of the connected universe into you via my little phone camera, but i am sorry my facebook is so full of admiring friend requests peace be with you but i cannot accept any more of your love" is so completely the end of civilisation, as it is always only for money....  except f course they never say that until, later....

Sounds like I am sour. Not a bit of it. I jumped over that sad falsity years ago - i know exactly what 'love' such people have in their 'heart' and it is not for their fellow humans, and even more sad it is not any kind of love for simple clear communication - saying what one means, and meaning what one says.  So i am immune to the cant and vanity.

All i know is that if i were someone with some genuinely useful thoughts to share on living a life of balance, reasonable values, not being tied to or worshiping  material goods or ones looks, and was quite good at zen, and actually living in the moment, then how on earth does one get any audience, the way the facebook queens have so upped their  truly  awful narcissistic click bait operation? 
Long ago - 20 years ago, I wrote on my notepads   "all became a race to the bottom"   the lowest common denominator spivvy horrible sharp-elbowed, salespersonship. Except they nowadays know not to show their elbows in their little online movies of themselves....... cowardly sat always behind a device, just begging...they no longer even know what for.

And as for life coaching, they would put themselves out of business if they gave some actual real life advice "unless you wish to be a thieving plutocrat and for instance work for Coop, or ripoff the tax payer working for social services,  even the government statistics department put out a few weeks ago a truth, which is single people pay a large cost premium for living alone   - one per chimney, one per car insurance, and no reason why a couple needs two smartphone contracts if they are a real couple just get together with SOMEone..  or you will in reality suffer more.. than if they turn out to be not quite perfect for you.."

Of course the equation is that people coupled up don't need these charlatans, and in fact also generally coupled up people see through the fairy-tale rubbish these gurus spout. Many of them three times a day... That is what coupling up means - regaining balance so as one cannot be wobbled around by miss online pixie preacher..

And none of them can write. 

Only those whom can write, interest me. Ever, now. 

So i better prove i can write (here), too. I have elsewhere....

But before that i must build a few pictures and waffly film clips from the last three days. Then the deed is done.