Tuesday 11 April 2023

The real schism



That was not planned. And is the very last 'exhaustion' in life. Of course....

We do not know what we really do need until every last little outstanding quandary has been processed, by an action. Thought alone is inadequate.

And now i truly am free.

Thing is, to some extent interesting. What is interesting is deconstruction of opinion, and acceptance of the 'irrational'. Which is a pompous sentence from me, as i know there is only truth, acceptance, moving on if possible, and the vanity of us thinking we 'know' what is good for us. A real truth of our Slovenian friend is due his 'disability' he can say things that others may not 'get away' with. Which is good  - too much knowing opinionating about where the lines should be, is bad. So of course his own 'catastrophe' is a force for good.


But i have just maybe a better "example" of what a catastrophe, or better put, just a big human mess, can end up as a useful utilitarian thing that causes more good for others in the medium term.

But then that call yesterday afternoon. How wonderful. 30+ years on we are chatting like old easy souls and friends. Out of the blue. But to hear that she had not been told by her then best friend, that her best friends father had sometimes violently hurt her mother - she knew well too, really does say something so important about the truth of even 'sophisticated' people living seemingly ultra sophisticated modern lives.  

And is not so much a schism, but a reminder that reality is not as the philosophers, and gurus make out it may be, for many... many are left ack in old ways of secrecy and hiding from truths, maybe even denial. And it is very hard to change.