Wednesday 24 May 2023

And as if on 'cue'..

 The man...

(this is live,camera, action..)

Three and a half years ago, i knew.... my my.... be careful. The theme park - in their Guardian and Times articles and estate agents'  blurbs..

There i am sat with the local 'counsellor' - a curious word for someone who's 'therapy' she demands (at 75 a pop) will cause real true 'change' in just six sessions... a scientific impossibility,  some years known, and one smallest not unfriendly word to him sat at the next table - not even him, but his mutt,,,

Results in a year of, in the street - or was it two " That bitch ... i will run her down.... your mate.... she will get IT.."

"ehh matey, not my mate...."

Within which - a range of interactions, i long ago knew was proof - there are many really very good actors, who are really pretty dangerous...even here.

I don't get it though, as his 'wife'? witnessed a fair few of these rather one way interactions (proud i never let them ever not even five minutes get to me..)

but i do have many on tape... for protection...

And she acts, yes if by holding his hand a range of truly worrying events never happened...

Stories... must be told. But they must somehow be spun into sweet smelling piles of horseshit - which is always fertiliser for some future life... and all the incomers just moan about the smell... 

the ultimate theme park, roundabout, with no magic...unless you were aware of what it may just be...and had unworried(even by him - his my he saw me hahh hahhh...not reacting to him - he doesnt exist)  time to

Except timely reminder: yep... one cannot ever have actual 'freedom of speech' even here. A man pretends to be good burgher... wife plays along in that great performance...  (about a woman never said a word against him, he demands is worthy of being harmed..and performing as if he never said it half a dozen times)

nope...not only does one need someone "watching your back"  - if he knew i had even noticed him, today... a return to my sublime winter quarters car park (to remind myself of her... this the place i found her...),  never mind actually am sat pondering how to turn him into a poem or even painting... he would smash me and my old van to pieces...


Yes here.

Despite the middle class tourist propoganda..

All propoganda.

At least when brochures were available to the middle class 40+ years we may advertise our wares, or services... everyone knew they were just BROCHURES...gloss tastes horrid.

But wo would have thought those clever little nerds would invent brochures (as false as the first iteration) which everyone is self publishing, and they even add in the extra clever thing that every few months they change the design parameters so the brochure generator, actually has to spend half an hour on their personal little brochure site every few months figuring how to tweak the design so ...

it is still sort of readable... just about still a brochure

The suckers,  of Facebook.. simply self generated brochure editors, ending up as  traffic for sales pitch  to advertisers...and it never even worked...

very clever little pyramid built on soggy marshlands, like all the rest of those, with nothing REAL to share with the world or even the one maybe truth talking publisher left in the land