Wednesday 24 May 2023


 silly artless word for had enough of what doesn't work, (so funny to hear a media show bigwig media person  recently describe, quite correctly, what has been obvious for years - 'social' media does not really work and thus big advertisers will pull out...and it will fall even more into the swamp,  like the soggy house of cards it obviously was for people started to have more than the actual friends one may count on - usually about three if we are lucky)

So mine... hardly ever used... is only to route anyone here. And  if i ever encounter someone in REAL life face to face who likes to try and describe reality - the SMALL things, realities of people, do enage...but not by email ralphschism[ atsign ] unless  sharing stories - real ones,  with view  to in person troubadour style collaboration... (i have one such but he is toofar away to ever be much use...he is VERY funny though... we will publish 'us' one day..)

my closing facebook 'posts' of late

Give up facebook except use whatsap only 07958 five 2  6381 (my 'work' number) - i like encouraging people to write PROPERLY - i do some - GOOD one one The Sublime recently at

if there is left, the odd (no they arent!) free thinker who enjoys playing with it (reality).... playing with it all.... seriously... because it is, but reality needs playing with in a funny old weave; just one or two collaborators... sought.. 'Rural' collaboration, i give up on now - no one means they wish to REALLY live rural.. i know i been enquiring 20 years..


One last 'case', complete...i guess.

A horrid word for a person's whole life; in three weeks. Attempting to nudge them into a legally healthier paradigm. It is all so complex, but so easy, really....However nowadays even I - you can see me, online, I have cred, a track record not being a nutcase, no axe murder raps against me, have absolutely no idea whom i may have been so intensely dealing with and it is all for them (100% double checked i do not do cases for my own benefit or ego) Simply put there are so so many extremely good performers now - i mean performing their lives, troubles, abuses... traumas, I have many years experience, but except for one person who wrote her story out, to maybe perform for a camera - that at least i trust, I have no idea any more who is performing truth or fantasy - and some will be Mister Malle said " the damaged are dangerous as they know they can survive" - have i survived another of them? all i do know they are more boring, than 'dangerous'..hey ho... except this LAST!! time... there is a very good book to write... all of it. but i don't need to "protect her real identity" as i have utterly no idea what it is... nor does she... mental cataclysm all around... team up with just one, now for life... for safety hahh hahhh...really...i have been at the frontline and it is ...lost. Forever now.

now has even more fabulous fables to..ponder how to write - but will, one day...soon

Vudu, bodily obsessionism, 'shamanism', a superb program on how predictably the shaman - seems the babes took over, even wish to be regulated hahh hahhh so the higher priestesses can make even MORE money from divining, nothing, because knows nothing can be live, instead. (good post on The Sublime and we must never share our metafizzix)

Many years 'Sunday' a good reference show - the latest gossip from the hierarchy in the world of sky fairies; but they can never join the dots " if all the celebrants of one or other made up death-fearing neurosis, often the more THOUGHTFUL people... had stopped being neurotic about their needy souls and bodies [ you have been recent years monetising the quite unscientific word 'feminine' now.. the latest pandemic of vanity] and joined up in actual REAL solidarity to stop environmental destruction all around...yes in their garden counties, too..[they could only afford to move to having sold their London pad for exorbitant profit]. they would have less to moan about perhaps.."

THE END - no one ever could read, once you started to try on your silly phones...

.............. but i don't believe in all this cool coyness - i so believe in collaboration a book i blasted into writing yesterday - two chapters i guess waffled on a long hill walk..i shall just put the audio here 


unlike almost every other person in this silly land, i arrange my life around free walking holidays in the very nice hot weather... 

so i don't have to waste carbon going elsewhere for them... elsewhere will be for sanctuary, soon....  (real bullshit people i chat with and have for know it's all crumbling now.... run for the hills if you value your 'life?! or at least run in them...or walk... but so so few do any more !.. dont believe radio liar fucking, four

one of the most famous walking paths in the Uk...i can spend a day here... and only a handful of people will walk by.. and often no one for may hours.. when THE 'main' Dyke walking visitor centre is only a couple of miles along the very best section of the whole damn thing....  theme parks...all around.. the big one this weekend hahh hahhh...hmmmm )