Sunday 28 May 2023

And so

 Really..... for the last time.


Once again

But not 'once', as having given all of them, up


It's funny.

Dawn on the hill.

But enough dawns on the hill to be so tuned


Not one denial, ghosting,  ever drains slightest

Especially when a day of fruit, and nuts, and sunshine

And a night of sleep, the full amount.

Causes once again body perfect, thank you very much.

And a 6am Sunday ritual tells me the truth

From the Serbian writer:

" we do not scatter quick smiles all the time as you do, nor say all is well when it is not."

There was no point of course chronicling years the way of a people. Peoples just are...

But i know I am not English; and if I could find one not lost to... being English,  that is whete i must be.