Tuesday 2 May 2023

And time, to begin.... the weave

 And one cannot 'read' or just 'be' inside me,  unless one reads to a rhythm...

And so, let us start with the problem, and back to the greatest moment in history.....

Gordon, dead yesterday, was there...and 'FACILITATED'... and has not fuckin facilitated my life...

"get the fuck up...in the morning... tarty pants"

because if you want to be actually "HEALTHY" you are all so ferkin obsessed with....
will LIVE
with the 'LIGHT' you all write wonky crap verses about
in the night

And then she.... even if  she couldn't listen to her own perfect song
and became a sour old bag

just let RIP
And in the presence of greatness, became

"Let the fuck
And she is