Tuesday 23 May 2023

back to the 'beginning' of the end times

 (SMILEY EMOJI..always... even if emojis ruined everything, always..) 

to end -  'transition' from a more or less unused Facebook, only to do real work on 'health' which is having two per chimney, and per rug ... especially in the winter (as the science says, the hormone soup, is different within, the bodies, of those living in constant touch... and that doesnt mean at paid workshops..

(rat studies  - crystal clear, different inner bodily soup kitchen constituents if they are forced to live and sleep alone...and we are very like rats, in ore ways than one..) 

The end of metaphorical... i was going to write 'wanking' ...on facbook, but it kills all desire with all that TELLING people what to think...so i never have 

VERY good prog a few weeks ago:


Vudu, bodily obsessionism, 'shamanism', a superb program on how predictably the shaman - seems the babes took over, even wish to be regulated hahh hahhh so the higher priestesses can make even MORE money from divining, nothing, because ralphschism.com knows nothing can be known...so live, instead. (good post on The Sublime and we must never share our metafizzix)

Many years 'Sunday' a good reference show - the latest gossip from the hierarchy in the world of sky fairies; but they can never join the dots " if all the celebrants of one or other made up death-fearing neurosis, often the more THOUGHTFUL people... had stopped being neurotic about their needy souls and bodies [ you have been seen...in recent years monetising the quite unscientific word 'feminine' now.. the latest pandemic of vanity] and joined up in actual REAL solidarity to stop environmental destruction all around...yes in their garden counties, too..[they could only afford to move to having sold their London pad for exorbitant profit]. they would have less to moan about perhaps.."

THE END - no one ever could read, once you started to try on your silly phones...