Sunday 28 May 2023

"deluded society" hmmm.... but

 far more important, to me...

'THE dance'

One day if anyone else ever helps me i will make a proper film.... take 2, how in small spaces (and other existences before) it really is about the flow and the dance - not as dilettante pants, but survival and efficiency ( - to free up time... curate every second of one may have many many hours spare  for example to mentor the man ..below..such a fine man...) 

I had to nearly get it, or at least why i said that...

Pt 1

pt 2

CREATIVITY sadly McGilchrest will never get - because they don't have to 'live'... too.

Not deluded.... but still, why?

And from my chronicles - just now and again i shall break out of no more ever and he... seven years 'under my wing'.... i have had so many sweet conversations with him, but it must stop...for his own good. 

He may get it one day...

And this is not 'me' - in that the context is his text pingpong...evasion. And i normally allow him time to breathe. But he will understand one day as he does read.... some good books. Perhaps if he is paid, will he read more..?

Because he is the only young person i have ever encounttered  - me and him through many great talks...testing him. He would be a good PM one day...

But it is someone else's job, now...

Freebird time for me.

They are all recorded. It is important he has done so so well. And will be an example to others one day. 

Kallan and i ..a late Sunday afternoon chat