Monday 22 May 2023

get organised!


the end of 


As absolutely no one ever ever follows through

It is actually laughable - and here i mean those 'good burghers' i engage with at times, only on behalf of some other person or project, needing all hands on deck...

That the two of them, four days ago, have not managed to make one call, despite asking for my number... attempting to organise the simplest ever standard assistance package for (not so) sweet one, stuck...and hurting

Means there is no hurry! 

Means my 'schism' (stop now, ALL 'causes' - no point...all are so fake they cannot even figure just a little they may be - so they are not baddies, but it  really really isnt...good...for the next generation)  was the correct decision nine months ago...

And as i enjoy, completely 'universal' tale telling - meaning, with only a couple of exceptions, all could be anywhere, any person.... and standard behaviour

I could have had major internet new fame had i listed  - put up somewhere...2020  the only sad thing i heard (and i do chronicle...which from a decade ago may have a major element of it is heard), from his many year employee, the chap   wrote one of a few lifetime enjoyed, almost personal hymns... 

was in fact an animal destroyer... extremely cruel sports participant - at a one on one level... meaning not atop a horse but really torturing them to death...face to face......just so he could make some local friends

Not the best version... Yvonne, Whistling REAL goddess...

Or.. that simply unrepeatable moment at the Hammy odeon... was it 74

me, i never had a home.... to lose...
certainly in this land of one million percent performative fakers...and liars

so be it 

I am happy