Saturday 27 May 2023


 I deliberately for 5 ish years wear several different ones, online..

No duplicity, simply that the truth of UK is that away from anonymous large conurbations, especially after 2016ish there is real sour bullneckish ongoing feeing. And it is among the suposed 'literary' too " can't really say that.." even true close allies..ish...

I know the internet doesn't 'work'. I jotted a bit of truth about that earlier on my s*** site

That is about freedom of speech  - the real IMPORTANT version-  the speech the little people need to understand they must protect  - the little people - home educators, slight 'alternatives', very poor, are  far more frequently tyrannised by authority and vested interest.   But they no longer understand what FOS even is..i know as i lead a 'movement' - accidentally !!

then environmentalism... forget it.. my main rue cause the last decade, taken over by precious wankers... i have a few sites on that i cannot spread or i will be hurt...i am recognised in my very rural region i widely roam..

And then i wite poetical online streams of consciousness.. i never show anyone except an occasional person i meet in person..

2020 i started  to gradually let go and merge these identities...

At first i had to be VERY careful, as, sadly, my only family, she is stockholm syndromed by very militaristic petrol head racist ultra bigots... (nothing to do with me in person many years) and it near killed me but i never attack back  - forgiveness in time is BODILY..i reached that place  7 or 8  years ago i guess.. realised it was sustained as a bodily thing only last year

I care very much about what she may have been perverted into thinking.. and take online precautions

But i think 2020 sort of loosened up thongs (not for her) in an interesting way - some of us realised, LET GO! ONLY our fullest authentic selves... its great

I may invite a few here i meet face to face, only a few have been nudged here  from online (i have no online allies or friends sadly it seems) but online sourced contacts,  they see my realname site too...(i must give up - waste of time) .  just explaining that

this is me - all of me, soon