Wednesday 31 May 2023

Hay-on-Wye (Hampstead-on-Wye in truth)

 i have a film i made a few days ago, of the shit and smell at their river...

I cannot actually load it up until i have left for the last time ever... soon. :-) The tourism fascists - all characters in Madame Bovary... they can't be bothered to actually read,  don't like truth about their region...  dirty washing in public...and all that (cash)

I don't care about that any more but do care about the very few  attempts at meaningful communication seem to fizzle into the swamp especially if via messaging. NO MORE !!! ever... I  talk or video chat only on my (work number) 07958 526 three 81    especially if you wish some collaboration. a FEW do actually chime with me - face to face, ( great one a few days ago - very intelligent ranty woman "they utterly fuckeraed all he rivers")  but none dare carry it through into 'public'