Thursday 1 June 2023

Very very bodily

 No one would believe me if i said "in this simplest part mendicant [soon] life, going for true ultra zen, centredness and only peace, my my to get it all this ship shape the body has not stopped for days. Twisting, balancing, lifting, cleaning of course... 

But it was worth it.

Especially to hear the fraudster today say that the maybe fraudster was "mad"... 
(both very middle aged women, and butter wouldn't melt in their mouths... and no one would write them off as not perfect smiley bourgeoisie...
But then i get to know people properly.

God i hate it when it always does centre justification after adding a photo or video.... always...for 13+ years of using this damn thing ..and i see 5their 'change' the other day, in other words little boys fiddling with technology, they unchanged.

As i have whittled it  -  why be simple, what is it? , literally down to one paragraph, i would like to have gotten out my fountain pen and paper and restarted as i mean to go on. But those items have been used for something else today rather more important...and dangerous.
So let me try purplish and larger font.  Easier on the eye perhaps? I wish i had a designer on board.