Sunday 7 May 2023

 Now, if i die today, the first day of easiest ever, at last, riverswimming -  no bowl of heated water with me to rinse in, what is the most useful thing I have learned all winter? Apart from ...hmmm... 'patience'? And .... well that is a long story, of.... the best encounter ever.....

It is that when it is at  zero degrees, or even plus five, and certainly minus ten, for weeks on end, keep your phone to your heart. Even now, a few weeks into decent spring temperatures, I find it quite a shock that dozing off with the dusk, and forgetting to turn off the phone - no one calls me after, teatime, ever... except once.... by my choice = 'mental health' ... habits.

It is astonishing, this year adamant to reduce expenditure to the lowest possible,  what the  difference in temperature makes to the drain on the battery. Mid cold-winter, leave on overnight,  aside the bed,  charged up to, say 80%, it is down to 40% by dawn awakening. Bad. Whereas tucked inside the jumper in bed, only drains by about 15% overnight.

Now-temperatures, hardly drains 10% overnight of left without the long cuddle.

And every battery cycle on the thing reduces battery life. Never mind the endless back and forth charging. 

I shall go back there, soon. Lots of wry little films. Many notes. And i still have one folder out from then - only one. It starts with "try and explain to her the way the 'bohemian' aesthetic, mythology really, so dominates the class system, still... but it is only class. It is all fake when it comes to living genuinely aside. That requires simplicity, and even more fake in terms of 'community'; very few bohemians gave their inherited houses away at way less than market value".

For now, although not quite now, a lot happened between then and now, last week, 29 April: