Sunday 7 May 2023

So, a truest ever schism

 A week. 

Seems like a year. And i do not do hyperbole. Ever.

In fact a day

At 10am. Fair dinkum, on time.

We have "never no way, I have to run away"

And within a few hours, in the hills, it 'works'.

I have to say that is an impossible version of 'worked'. But it did.

Now, having achieved that - i said to myself "1% chance",  i can now get back to the time immemorial simplest ever job. Writing this.

But talk about the definition of 'earning' a day off. 

To think, four months ago i would walk to this gate as my only place to warm up just a  little. And once  or twice tried a peaceful alliance chat... . If only she knew... what peace, I can bring to the most troubled  bowl of cherries. But how much easier it would have been with just one sane ally, assisting.

New little item,  but it is a whole flippin' book, and i must not write it. A sketch of a week I could not have made up if I had tried.  Or lets see how it is in a few days. When i catch up here. It is all the same at root. There are more aspects to a simplest possible existence than just seemingly hippy (non religious) asceticism; any way to save time and energy so that one may have time and energy for just occasionally something important that may be worth the most absurd time/energy drain ever: is that kind of 'damage' ever truly fixed?

Hmmmm..... but i know she would be near dead had i not.... engaged.