Wednesday 31 May 2023

righty tally ULTRA simplicity


soon my real writing - many years plotting it all and planning nothing, begins

Hills, are also for...

to be continued
The only thing i miss is a washing line to leave the bedding out...not from some cleanliness neurosis
But because i have lived in a past life in the toppest hotels in the world at times...
Nothing... no hunrdred pound scent or spay can ever math
this one

But en also practical uses

(loadsa very funny and poignant film of this episode to come, soon... plus yesterday FACE TO FACE..even he said something nice to me..)

I take my role seriously, among he winter things to be packed away are many many many notebooks...

that had gotten a ad damp..nature will be natural, but there is always a solution

and today is the sort em out day

And one sunset i shall not bother with again - fifteen years I then we (lass and me)  lived by here...
Hay Bluff
 they turned it into an SUV theme park...and bloody motorway