Monday 29 May 2023

superest simplest living

 That of course sounds an almost cheesy 'by-line' (post title, to a not-a-blog, not-a-post; just pages in a book rather randomly chucked here). I can do sophisticated deep philosophical ones. But that will be another day.  Especially if my wingman and i ever get to weaving in to this, of something in parallel, our  most poignant other version. Which we both know the THE 'answer' to all the cant and vanity.

Perhaps far more interesting - if one were to be doing a weblog, in other words  diary, is why...

And we have yet another fine example of the endless completely theoretical 'connection. In that they only ever waste time. But that was a cheery one. But it is at least  being free to indulge oneself occasionally in a real communication (i liked that one - i have learned - do not waste time on false politeness), only possible if ones life is stripped bare of all superfluous 'needs'. But i know - as i have indeed chronicled every interesting moment, for years - it is simply all in the mind.

Out needs, 'barriers' foibles, fussinesses. So much of the mind.  It would be infantile to term them 'fears' because they are not real fears such as true danger in ones face, and in truth it all comes down so often to programmed 'disgust'.

To be continued.

In more florid poetical language soon, when this long planned disgusting day is done.