Saturday 20 May 2023

"There's always a Merlin.."

 Now, i have only ever given three people, my main present, winding down, sc website..

I am very fussy about whom i feel i may trust.. to 'get' some of it...and respect my present 'identity'

Only three know both sites...yes.... big privelage...even if two are probably rather inyeresting and very attractive, to me, nutjobs...but who knows as NO ONE can ever tell their simple 'truth' any more.... here endeth, society

There is a big  video put there which says in the opening " I know how to, but never 'search engine optimise'.. or hashtag"

This one ('post') i could put  hashtag tran*s...or "Meghan my goddess no more"...

or all sorts of clicky bait.

Or more germane: you will be responsible for your children exec*ti*g the great female intellectual pacifist  Russian writer Ms Ginsberg showed us...


But i do not wish any clicks... yet...unless one person met face to face or at least intensively put under the spotlight

agrees with some of this.

Which IS why children have gone so so so inside themselves, bodily...

And all going nuts...and how to kill three birds with one stone - climate, mental heath, and growing the fuck up, properly

And if anyone can actually come to my high hill and tell me why one single word of this is wrong, i will immediately run myself over with my Homeric, bed...on wheels...

references to the Meghan Dau* show a few posts back, and Merlin about 15 minutes in to

(but ALL the other chatterati calling in, are just as bad, yes i am bullying poor silly Merlin and thats not nice...but then...)

but i suggest you read my funny little 'critique' i know no one can ever get these far simpler remedies, ever...right...and they will help YOUR kids...if just a bit, you may..get one word..

and i only care about kids...

and passion - caring...means that was one take, no pause notes....on my beloved childs life...i swear