Sunday 25 June 2023

a video called

the art of

self harm

i too could have a decade ago

created worthy swish installations.

surreal .. messages to share in designer ways

but a decade wasted  on living-pondering any English may mean ..


carefully selected middke aged clean living men


. several long  engagements.. a few men...

stating they care and wil act to rescue with me  others in a true mess...2020...

that is true real performance art


them lerforming

one day i shall make the surreal  fancy pants Macintosh edited and ... whatevered...

real sort of beautiful "art".  that asks the real questions, that are even in their silly christian sky fairie book...

i know as well as them

( the JW elders i riffed with forex ample 7 years ago didnt know who Mammon was ... too busy counting out the forex dollars suck up to yankeechurch central...   domibates even here..)


errata a yesterday rit thing

there is something especially insidious in judaeo christian piety, and wonkiness

in fact some brown-folk theosophies are at a purely humanist level less danferous

i know...despite being totally against any metaphysical onsight except " there is 'something'..more. 

 for sure.  

any human says s/he understands it is a liar and only wants to profit somehow or rather...or lacking in esteem pretending to have a handle on what we can never even grasp as we fall down the stairwell. 

i have studied the few sane rational objective commentariat on various sky fairy brands...

j-c if the

ohh yes

it came back

if Bush-Blair was  hindu or even  muslim ... they may not have quite believed they MUST be right  .

but if the latter it would be far more body fetiscism ... than anything else

go live in S America

or fair bit if sub sarahan bongoland.

 when its hot everyone strips off.    insane not to!

i think we know who are the true body fetiscists... whitey a poor runner up

now i can write my 7am wanderings sort of poem



though it may not get here until two dawns hence

because schism means, itoo must be only authentic

when your libraries are full of noisy Telettubies who ... work there and are unable to think... all the noise they make, that in fact it should be quiet..

here if nowhere else

may lrevent any thought

and one has the greatest 'study' ever of the utter falsness of the

lying thieves who  

still contol huge budgets of their many churches

maybe its inauthentic to go and pinch their electricity

when  .

long ago....

even in rural places.. ( never before, about 11 years ago")

" you can have the job...fix my shed/rebuild the fence... etc"

not only WAS the rural wotd, honour

you day they neglect the other aspect. if someone pledges a job needs doing...  

then an honourable person, even if tbey dont much respect the person one has  agreed it would be great to have tgat work off them..

actually does the RIGHT ' moral' thing and stops seekkng work elsewhere

tbus is known as trust

the other party will see sense and remember what THEY said...they ' needed'

the 'social contract'

when that us over 

i have experienced a fair few times but it revved up the last 3 years to become hilarious monty python

you have no 


only harassing tax credit bosses ...controllers

whom even 11 years ago one would have to lie to

" hiccup in work..i am still self employed..great new job offered...  just waiting a few weeks for it to..come true . ... but it will, a friend suggested mutual benefit job needs to be i can trust" 

when i knew by 5 years ago

until the cash in the bank... even the many ' community!!!!!!' smiley emojii  ( rich due ibherited money) proponents saying " for sure that 4 week job will be done by you as i know your work is good from the last three months ..."

may as well be listening to  a mad Russian faking a war..

but the ricochet effects

on real people

are real.