Sunday 25 June 2023

oh yes glastonbury

 your NHS

i had a cap ... analised for " colour" 9 montgs ago

one if your fine immigrant heroic coloured chaplies did it.

i had had 6 months if woman employers ripping me iff unpaid wages.

all recorded.

i am beyond slander

fir fun years,agi i would record my sessions at the debtist

i had one once we would kaugh so much

( for real i should release them as a publuc service .  they are very funny! even when he had his drill whirring ogten i had him laughing so much he had to take a break)

this one.

now long ago my lost alcy lifestyle addicted parents for a decade had loadsa dosh

my cap was 50% platinum...

i said to cunt dentist who pretendes to be my friend as i took interest in his people and county and raghead stone age religion

" i ask only one thing please pretty please...when theyve done colour match.. pkease can i have it back...a veery precious momento. "

... 6 weeks on his first fitting duff  ..

" all finished now.... smile again with confidence"

" ohh my bits and bobs..mould for fittibg...i dont see my old cap in tgere the only thing i asked as precious. "

100 fuckin quid of precious metal

when i needed eat.

doing real...real hard unpaid... social work...  attempting to fix problens in a mothers kitchen

her 10 year old do much stress ( from her)...grinds his teeth, badly

thats your nhs..too

didnt a most appropriately maligned people once do that? seek metals from the condemned..?