Sunday 25 June 2023

 the only genius 

left in this land

of tongue in cheek


" i speak gentle sardonique"

nope doesnt work

Mister Steve Wright on super form tofay

hahhhhh god hes funny

" who knew that years later it would be used to advertise stomach medicine"

when america was not cynical, every artbouse movie i have seen a decade has xannax innit as the remedy


only one remedy

let go

and the godlike ballet dancahhh

she said to me, just a few weeks ago...

" nope...take it  it from me it.... you can get off the fence now... mister gentle man. cruel to be kind...   i danced with the flying black swans too...for real...cos i was whipped to within an inch of my life....til... it worked"

sad but true

applies to writing


a great...


not me saying so...

two middle aged women working with


bodily to me bodily close bya real smile on their faces

when they should be standing for fucking PM

 as tbey knew too

oops vid orob not working....

you gotta watch the whole film...for 'abuse' 'gaslighting' and offence....

and ( non existant)  hatred.... to see how real art may really come about..

even Wendek Berry worst poet in history said

the poet [ any artist] needs to have worst possible stuff happen.. and ( generally a her these strange days)

and in fact


in the presence if actually great culture

though myself i dont go in for whips

even the comments can be great

but of course children must go free..

to do better

thats the deal

always has been .. no christian i ever knew seems to understand it is what pprgress was based upon

never mind good lit

pushing...all the way

Only Rushbridgers daughter seemed to know


well...tie them all to inheriting ( my once best friend's ..said he was gonna CHANGE in 2020.)million quid piles

of course they cannot REALLY new