Sunday 25 June 2023

this shouldn't be


unless of course the Indians not from Leamington-spar as their caller id said

or wasit Rotheram...

" i too recorded every single conversation, once your fine Indian wallah realised my marrige-for-passpoet 'offer' was genuine, and got over, even her ' i will terminate this call Memsahib'  ...splendid the amount of times she could not LISTEN to the words ' contract'..and ' sanskrit'.. .said so nicely...i spelled them for her..slowly.....  how the BBC you and yours love well documented long diatribes about your ... 

..with live action, proof with poetry woven in...i don't know what the words are for a 2 year old could do better...and the eay you use your 'vulnerable' little pauper Indian thing.... your 7 phone calls, one on sunday afternoon when good Christians like me are worshipping a day off...and 25 emails/mssgs... have taken up 10 hours of my time rate is £10/hr equivalent to your rate.... every call and email gets published ..unless....and if u dusconnect me rge rate goes up to double cos rhar means i gotta go to tge library and use their nousy as your call centre that isnt in Rotheram ... you will pay me formy time..."


" can you not read....the contract said 45 a extorted an extra 35 out of me last month despite a recirding of the actual contraxt being sigbed... over the conteaxt rate you at last agree is... the lawful amount... as a Britush company... against contract lore... that means you are compensating me 15 pounds...except you are not the next months will be 55 which js still a tenner more than what it says on the piece of bloody paper ive photod and sent twice..

" memsahib.!!!!.." 

" ohh lets talk about something more interesting then... do all indian women moan about being on the blood like they do here ..?  it became fashionable nothing better to talk about so made it centre of radio 4...think 4chan for sad moanwrs whonpretend to be buddhists to look nice....ohh you dont even bother with tampons splendid thank you i learned something... interesting how did you all die immediately of holy . tell me some jokes about rags then...youve joked the whole of my country ..into thinking you are worse off than we are... bet you know some....."

i do have her name

asked her to spell it very slowly

a nice name

if they dont cut me off as threatened today...i will find it and ask her

"" truth..i only deal in truths it is inauthentic for me to leave it like that with you

...truth..... i should pay you. ...they dont tell you in your princess Diana and porkpies is England classes 

 ..."its so utterly 10 times worse than Slumdog...  no idea ever if any English ever means whar said any more...its me who needs assylum....  and the only half decent brain told me she liked poetey well i texted her last week ' please find me a 

passport ' was a ruse...she must know i l***[censored] one in the same boat as me.... marooned passportwise..on this Lord of The Flies ...island...figuratively but truly speaking

ohh youve read it wow! English cant read any more either...if she could she poetliker,  would go and be a pirate and tell err 'The Plank...or him a plank yes but an authentic one choose...for your own good!'...but tgey cant even do subtle  nuance any more.... you knew all along i thought you were quite about a video call.... Dylan wrote thw only good words ever, oppression a cruel TUTOR.. ..injustice a NURSE....oh you habe a uniform for English wallah ' get it dont you.... .but turning my opressor, you into a nurse across my kneee givingbher nice red cheeks...if youblike that kind if tbing you have been doing your how-to- be English homework now....learning from

 opression.... .all forms of it...most leave no mark ....and writing the opera  to nurse the next generation back into reality... ohhh you understand".

"thing is theyre all adicted to gojii dear as the  contract youve been unable to read...only superfood i know is loadsa tomatoes... nana boats too but tons really have the efge... 35 p a can

.i always wanted to be forced to have a can a day....



along comes that bkack swan and......

" now..

..whats India's natinal debt...per person.

... some Wallah on natjonal wirelwss debate last night said 2.7 tril.... divided by... whatever..  they dont say ' because our social policies in fact divided families such that kids are  never assisted to be the ones who wipe their old folks bums... no its not a joke you cheeky little cupcake ...  basic economis you got it.... the notion a state could ever pick up the bill for no one working to maintain kids... in orbit.... hahhh... its the way thwy did it though....encourage every woman i know to especially using meedia ...bbbc ..the lot... 50% not herosexual... no problem their choice..not to understand the teue humanisation comes from having a kid...when latest census states 95% still ... as god intended...or whatever sky fairie you chose ...such a clever ploy.... yes credit rating...india's, what b- ...?.... some syms will be done here soon, no not back to the 70s..... even then they could add up.... unsustainable is just that... c- and if you dont get it.....bottom of the class!....and dont chop any bits off the 'upper' class.... as you go there cos education managed basic math and logic even in your teens...dont blame anyone else but your selves. ...

" wanna hear a REALLY good joke...Tam the Indian...from Hay...not an Indian an ultra English trading on being a bit brown..

as pure wokey  expert as  they come..makes shit films about fraudulent old englishmen...ripped off a small town for 400k in government cash... but cos she is "Indian" no one can criticise her spinjob...making him appear Ghandi..

anyway summer 2020 i actually heard hee calling in to national BBC 4chan tiday prog...

as a totally full time 'carer' suffering.... 

because a few years she had been 'caring' for her old folks.... by phone...only by phone no onterviewer pucked her upon......too busy making crap films to have them in her granny flat

and now she cant get through often the nurses too busy to wheelchair them to the phone

i mean seriously its the way she portrayed herself as some utterly dedicated 'carer'. yep in india i think the tomatoes would be used for something else...after a good rotting