Thursday 15 June 2023


 nearly italics ..perfec memory

but it is bad enough having to try and figure for years what on earth the Englush mermaids may actually...


the the ...i have a lifetime...

of another cultural mindset

even i blow a fuse occasionally....such as last half hour fretting...  not only no foodbank, merely bad books to 'borrow' .... i KNOW i left my even if doesnt in there

thrre times i go back in denies me ( fatman...if you love or in your case tollerate someones lesser sense of humour to cHALLENGE outlive me and give tge sermon at mine...but fatties DIE younger ...all fattist sedition is love..or slightly enjoy.

. you only challenge those you... can bear....or love if we be BETTER....

all mermaids ansd English went off em yeaes ago...

so theres me...i never ever frett...ever

" i have gone mad i KNOW its in there.... rhe places i stopped to borrow useless books...[ scour]...  what devil this following me around...its not possible its lost!!! i dont lose stuff!!!" 

as usual, not aleays, but turns out half an hour having lost my phone for sure

it was in my belt where it usually is...

i officially need a real holiday


oh yes only reason i turned phone on ro post i mever fo..does one have to say


that i was meant to put here 3 months ago but someone distracts as dhe well knows

she should be writing this

privately she echoes me

but doeannt dare


with the mermaids...

probably pay wages

and extras too...

i call that slavery myself, not an esteemed woman being ALL she is



the best i ever heard

that  is n Bovary, too... and i am sure Serbian film... noir..

i believe in white

bright eyes come from saying ..the truth