Thursday 15 June 2023

"so what's that then..."?

 i have never known sucha  dull people...

the other side of the creek earlier...

But... since i arrived here i have never known such ultra juju..(maybe preferred word for 'kismet' or even my word sync... - any distancing onesself from the horrid DOESNT WORK control language the mermaids use is an absolute first order i know THEY are all so unhappy and i want EVERYone to be happy..their controly words.. they chant in workshops FAILED..
.it is absurd, but i am wise enough and NON narcissistic-bulletproof enough to know i have NO idea why...why the juju taunts me..'helps'? no idea ..i know the ending i want and which book it is does farmer helen my friend..who will never read this....
i know who its connected to but not why...and always there is an element of wichy driven coincidence connected to writing - often when i write

just loading the above stops... phone IN bag - a few extra feet up means slightly better signal... 
at first i was bagging phone so as not to draw attention to myself - just have a tripod out - i hate all kit and tech but people treat you as if you are a thief cctving their joints..or with the SAS..and the amount who come and ask.... thats why they diont care if uk is selling arms to murder yemenese kids ..or weaponry the Ukrainian not so nice lot will have for decades now that will also be used to kill many more RAmbos arive... and multiply...which ALWAYS happens...os... they are silly absurd children....nothing better to do (especially after 'pandemic'.. than worry about being a nosey smiley vigilante on someone else - and my whole number is utter in my hermitude zen..never get noticed..i prefer it tha way

so...bag over... but then... perect weather and i have illness i cannot be inside when perect or even half perfect weather so all writing is (not) unfortunately cannot see the screen..glare..

but as it really heats up a few days ago bag essential to keep cool....

white bag....
as we know

but years ago i had in my bag for SATIRE..a very very worn waitrose... now i know that someone has been 'talking'... some even lower profile - and then had thoughbubble.. even the mermaids deep do pwn are fearful and a bit afraid, of anyone not them - COMPROMISE! bingo...use the WAitrose as 

(i one else...actually blocked the one corruptly being sited ON Hay nasty-man publishing phots of  Hay festival..directror's COOP.... "dont worry becks..pete gonna buy you a waitrose soon... he gets the change in his back pocket [as DIRECTOR OFN THE DEVELOPER]...  ACC CAP.. me - alone...saving the town FIFTY or 100 grand of legal fees... a year they had threatened legal this and that and were hiring barristers.. they couldnt listen to me "i expert...unwitting but fact... the 30£k quote...will be 100 when the developer takes you to...appeal... then 500 for the Lords or...second appeal..." silly parochial good burghers, brain..wouldn listen...pure contempt

nope the day i published that captioned snap in twatter.. the whole scheme 95% of the town objected to...was stopped..just like that hahh hahhh.... they cancelled it all...dont think i am not an actual (now retired - no due age  - me fit as an 18 year old... - due ALL english women hate anyone who fights even for simple rights...) warrior.. whom will go all the way for ..honour
ogf herlpmeet.. thats the deal..

Anyway fun stuff top weave into this post but that will have to i was uploading the anti-sunshine pic.. the phone stopped working...overheated hahh hahh...had it been a white unmarked bag likely not
the fable in the tale in the moral dilemma ... is me - fuckin show off..and there is always a price

but i write far far better fables and word pictures than tah...soon
the best on simplest living - as above..wordpictures 
WHY ultra simple (and financially stretched) is so so so so much more fun...bodily, THEMiX the whole thing...and does you REAL good...always...

my fables are on all that.. parables...whatever.. all i know is they are they worked..
Others too day i may have some here to confirm...just that