Sunday 11 June 2023

Freedom, and the 'flow' and...

This is NOT a 'blog' even if it has become a bit bloggy of late..

It will become - is, was from the 22 Feb this year when someone said "off yer fuck, n' die.."  (such a coarse playful use of words - i far prefer the French put downs - probably lost in time, one of my several  - they are the bestish..if one wishes to be based W Europe, lovers... great people - love and sex just a routine part of life.... siesta screwing the best... good meal, good screw  - or if one must the minds eye version, only one has said to me shetoo can do that... good nap... and then awake refreshed to start the day again, for a second go at it... anyway 30 years ago i asked a French TRUSTED equal woman  - they just so are...rather than this lot on this sceptic Aisle - they could be thinking ANYthing and one never they CANNOT it would seem, say... their mind..maybe they lost it years ago.. "what is the rudest worst insult in Frog?" 

"allez vous en.." she told me. I believed. Which just means " off you trot.."  but of course her cultural historical maybe even 'class' nuance... hadf all gathered over centuries into that one dark stormbound according to her represented in those three small words...everything ! bad...

And as for McGilchrest  (him on my radar a few years - the least bad of a silly bunch of them - i know them all, Meghan the only one i still enjoy...Sam Harris a liar " free podcasts for life if you just questions asked, the 90 bucks annual fee waived..".i did, a free year - not that there was anything worth even 5 bucks....  and it seems that was not a say what you mean and mean what you if the worlds first equal 'philosopher' cannot not lie - that shows the state you are all in..- i would like to be able to afford his 'magnum opus' but i know i will not find REAL life in there

Anyway. even McGilchrist  they all over complexify it into their showoff  special ways of termi9ng certain things. Nope... sorry...its far more complex... and at the same time more simple.

(superb SU at 6am.. sat serenely listening - GREAT FM signal here dont get it - 4chan..clear as the Croatian seas... internet - this took one hour to upload.. - but limited in as usual not joining so so many dots - i am psych expert - and the few best psychs know we simply have no idea how the mind works at a biochemical or functional level...


John McCarthy long i thought that drip shouldn't be given the chair..

But he made up for years of drippy, lifeless, coy and cowardly  broadcasts by a good one at last

Agony and Ecstasy

But mine (which will be woven in as a sort of 'response' ) is immodestly  - which isnt me - i like humble little green motors, humble everything...


And if anyone has ever got to the nub of 'happiness' or the ultimate allez vous en up my own bottie...i would like to know.

Or if anyone can better describe REAL 'freedom' or...a load of other rather silly fancy words that are unreal until mind/bodily for man6y many months years in fact.. are unweavable from BEing, matter what other grumps may assume... 

Now...i am in my flow... the gopod stuff may just still be in there after years wiggling around in the muddy bottom... ready to float to the top

Just when i have no purpose for it. Is it 'arrogant' to have in mind only one 'rerader'... and as all can only scan, this is the ultimate act of absurdism... herre and nowe..and for months..

But so be it.

As they conclude in SU..its all a big ineffable bowl of cherries..

I know only one thing, i have the 'space', zen, whatever the inadequate enjoy tasting a new bpwlful... after 20 years nonsense... none of them made any sense... 


McGilchrest and co as always unable to weave in the simplest REAL life huge paradigms which are irrespective of right left or up-yer-bum 'brain', 'fear' - a now perverted word as we spend most of our bloody life in it one way or other (unless LUCKY enough to have ven month on month pissed in yer pants - as above  audio describes...among other far far far ONLY 'dilemmas' ..i no longer have... exactly: fear... 

All as usual down to the black swan (not a typo, NO capitals, deliberately - rather than the one with capitals...closed, too.. jesus there is an allegory there!! hahh hahh) 

it is impossible  - absolutely so impossible that even the wisest man maybe in the world Taleb can onl;y sit in his motor at the side of a road and fiddle, to know how one will, feel (awful word - the way uk 'education' homed in on feeling is the end of civilisation - they all matter, but cannot be understood..... nor controlled..) , or  BE.. until some huge change has been let to be....come