Sunday 25 June 2023


 now, as long known

the mermaids

one week ago

she seemed a genuine grown up  but then

" manifest a dental appointment and i get it the next day"

which of course absolves her, 50 something..from findinging blackmale 

material on the town councillors who fail


make it reality 

rather than backpocket military favours

but wow


i embody, am...Cormac fuckin neurotic horror novie


 but worst, first up against the wall, he ENGLISH lit critics who opine he was best this century... god fuckin death cultists of bad books... 1 rachel kushner ten cormacs...

and the only woman i could have as coproducer like me bas never eatched one

because 15 minutes into the Shining

" this is for children, i am not one"

but wow...

i do not understand this place

walking around a large many year disused supermarket

at seven

there should be teamos and oarty gjrls knackered after their night doggin...or on the vape

its utter oaradise

to see Cormac's The Road... pure and utter work kf art

bo joke

real... beautiful

my version is rhe Road where to spite rotten Cormac, in faxt all the zombies not only dudnt eat me...

i thrived just obseevibf tgeur truths

never mind they necer had the guts..

to even duel with actual words that actually... defend theur inauthentic positions

they just ghost

anyway, do not be absurd! i dont mab-i-fest anything..

but when my batteries are all now down..

tgere is no way these will 


surely not

nioe dont be daft

almost all photos are live action and i love no blog reader enough to bother putting on my reading glassesto write as in now on the dumbphone ..and check if typos or not

but i value one mind

which is more than love

which nay not last ... 

the bimbos of the " i manifest" world of course expect it to...without working on it damn hard...every day

why so many kids each to a diferent so called man of course

a fine day is when SU starts with Primo Levi...



charge up, go back to that so absurdly evocative large ababdoned supermarket with a charged up camera..  the sight of waste, devestation .... wow what utter art

only nature makes me haply

but a symbolic place of nothing human lasts forever does too...

why i was so absurdly happy a decade ago moving in to the ruins of 300 years ago the richest by far estate for 30 miles .

Byron spent his last summer in the UK tgere...

a tumbkedown laradise ubimaginable.. 

that represented also... the fey english... they shall not last...either

nor usa