Sunday 25 June 2023

uk the society where even the finest minds
 have been polluted, just like her river
if one says I am Iron Man " bulletproof" 
one is told one is " narcissistic" 
she may as well have watched the horror novies
as that is just as much a horrorful way of thinking
i lament ( stolen from a church they deserve every liberation one can MANage..)

it says two great forces


not at all mysogenicly

the loser

even if she waa the serious aggressor spat at humanity first

wanted to eat all humanity

he uses guile to wear her out..


and she ends up in orbit helping humabity by beautiful spacey music


the foes 

end up both saving humanity

even after sulky phases

now 31 mins to full means PROOF 

this battery found in early morning wandwrings..

is in tip top condition
i am a man
i did not mani fuckin fest ANY thing...

and dont believe the fairies provide anything
and knew
woman and man must duell to peace
no one helps

thats the deal
why in fact that unit
is ultimately more a 
foundarional elemental 
than even parent and child