Wednesday 28 June 2023


 that isn't meant to happen.

I was sure she was going to...ghost....hmmm

re[prise cos i LOVE it...only thing that has made me smile, really.... 

(to be cont)

Now.. there are some 'hidden' pages to this site. Only one person is rightly invited to all. One other is partial...

I cannot remember if these photos are in he super elite page or he partially elite

or... for the common vandal.

but it was exactly the right thing to do - unplanned..just like that...


Events have shown - or rather non events.. that should have been events

And soon i return only to simple hings

she will know.
She is me, :-) !!!!

a week ago

to go

but just yesterday sat on that other cushion was an artist...
she begged me to take her number
i do what i am told
I am a simple person

" i will advise you on thoughts about how to bag your Yorkshireman love... I will even take actions - devious and manipulative if i can figure one... a our age ... you know too, go all the way....
now..maybe you can give me thoughts...reciprocate" 

20p a text old number

and the artist who begs you to be in touch

And she is not even English...

I don't understand the other dimension of life
everyone else is in except me

i just a simple guy
do what i am old
like a few months ago " we need to meet for coffee.."

Anyway she.... 
12 years vanning, she...
would get this:
Mos important unintended utter  lifesaver..
My gang bar, hidden in a Spar bag...
post 2020 (she knows too - the snide.... "sweety its never going back..[to be cont - real reason for schism... #7]..")

Its hard enough charming some kind soul to let you plug one item in.... (nothing to do with cost of living non-crisis....)
never mind he five you need to keep on the go...