Friday 30 June 2023

simple movie

Now... hmmm...i shall get to designing his site better, soon...

But my ohhh my.... lovely little small hings keep coming along.

No more!

I have so much in my can, so many stories, so many proof-stories (of why i wish a schism - more than wish, someone's horror-scope, confirmed...and i shall live up to that no matter what. I shall 'causes' no cares, just in time wistful but hopefully alive writing ... because.. it's such a lovely new real mode...)

and so to reprise like humourless Homer ...

To begin a last chapter.

As he would with his bloody finger scratching at her at dawn...

reprise his, just because (later)

Anyway for now this hotch potch - because there is one whom wished it, and also another who also lives it - she got it...all (especially he plug thing we laughed..a real laugh..)

will be bits of video - film camera woman coming soon...

 And after a decade of looking - though she is not first choice. But there is no accounting for the actual damage done to the mind of the one i would wish (by him - mister   bought-everything-pretends-to-be 'community') ... she will be the subject. Because i have done 5 of 13 years like this. She 12!

And you wouldn't know it - beautiful super-model  bodily posture and grace... doesn't 'smell'  and most of all ...she doesn't take ANYthing....personally or to heart

which is what 'this' is WORKS!