Monday 26 June 2023

 this a bloody little paradise.

city centre but no traffic noise.

sheltered from wind... sun hits my desk at 11am

cost free

but dont think any image i include is one or even three dimensional.

i wouldn't be seen dead in a fancy purchased 

supermarket bag... plastic big ones bags for life

lined and scrunched... as long as authentic

fine for me

but the 4th dimenaion: the most awful inauthenticity over 2 years

the woman who 'gave' me that her adopted Glastonbury

 in lieu of the petrol money she had promised...

to confer on a project she demanded!

i shall put up the text...

such a sick woman in all sorts of ways.


you, 10 years on.

if the inauthenticity doesnt get fixed.

i know how to.


and to cap it all... the only woman i have ever known...same name as the first Queen ..of it

though when i realised it over the years i would use the less nice word 'Maureen...Queen...fake'

As also gradually one would hear her few friends she hadn't driven mad... opine themselves.