Monday 26 June 2023


 the bloody odyssey still wasn't ....

i hate phone diarising,  no italics button...

in italics: quite....


there was one last little curiosity.

.to discover. I don't get many lightbulbs.

Plus what with all this Russell Brand, Tolle, and miscelaneous other failed guro talk ( i met in person the first 10 years ago... the new breed.... on a VERY expensive bicycle... where i would gather to toss up between the black swan, and woman i really utterly love at first sight...

anyway jargon i hear and record gets so much worse: words said, clever new ways of saying...nothing... for career prospects though the speakers do not even know...thats all their doing

i am retiscent to even use Taleb's superb allegorical answer to EVERYTHING...his black swan

as it sounds more useless jargon.

simplified is

' humans can never ever know how they will feel after a significant ish.. event... it is impossible... run over a walker on a country road because he deserves it... one cannot know the ACTUAL ... mind body = THEMIX... nw mix... inside

ie how one will feel. 

i have the very best example lightbulbed last night

thank you all bad mannered sulky pusses

it came as i was pondering inauthenticity. not a nice word.

but i have realised... if anything can be known, just how important it is... and we are talking real THEMIX now...that many have suffered much from..

but also, if one values someone...

well...wait for my own black swan write up

so so simple..4 paras 


it fixed me 100% of any lingering


and is best thing that ever happened.

my whole mix transformed forever...from something 99.9% would say is an illegal abuse of power.

and 99% seek compensation from the state ...


i shall prove a bkack