Saturday 17 June 2023





damn thing sets itself to 'private' some of the time...

privacy ruined humanity

The stone age tribe WAS ..built around a circle so people could really ..see...what hijinks the neighbours were up to.

And compromise and have real trust.....

"did he DO what he said he was



Now anyone who doesn't start at the beginning will think, not that anyone can... weirdo witha camera off on a ..whatever"

Nope, all i wish is

Simple as this. SOME language can be lovely..

I saw a post a few months ago 

"Hel***d river TV..."

That is all that matters meaning a quiet soul who can stand or sit and stare...

Because for years i know full well that in most places - maybe not here, maybe here is the outlier which works a bit..? I do not care.

Six months ago i made an audio and sent it. "purpose"

I know that REAL purpose keeps one young and fit... me never been fitter.

But REAL purpose is based on years of landloping and being within the REALITY of the lumpen majority

Give up.
And video bits and bobs here for one reason only.
Nope... not to be a latter daty Thoreau. There is no point - the merMEN.. became far too insidious a crowd (in charge of community - sustainability.. bullshit...and the mermaids failed
to hold them to account.

And add to that the absolute unsustainability of British society - a trillion of that couple of trillion in debt due to not REALLY looking after ones olds, neighbours, their kids, the local underclass loon - rather farming it out to the state (best example of late, the woman who has had 10k..probably ore, spent on her just because of some smallest non incident she is accused of as she is separating from a 25 year marriage... thats what her 'FRIENDS' were for... not the local boys in blue who -  i believed her - play endless games (they get a pay rise the more of her, they CREATE..) 

The never was any 'community  - and i roamed my region 2020 seeing if just maybe someone could mean what they say, in that respect..a very hard pressed rural fringe - lots of very lonely older people living alone... may as well have been in Cormac's The Road..

PURPOSE: i have self interest, the best kind is if it could do REAL help... 

Mine, only, to show and rather write as i hate Ralph TV... 

A publisher, that every day for years (you should see my 2020 vids... best one i made was in a simply extraordinary flowerfilled lane i would often cycle along in just my shorts on old sit up and beg bike....2017-19 i spent every moment wandering asking folk if they maybe may try and HARVEST the odd pro EU vote if by a miracle there may be a second vote..or chance to stop it (in 2020 spring - " A LEGAL MATERIAL CHANGE OF CIRCUMSTANCES - i.e. economy tanking nothing to do with brexit hahh hahh.." was LEGALLY, just that....too late. so by January 2020 all credit cards maxed out...30 grand hahh on the edge 2 years.... cycling along the lanes June 2020 my bank phone in the asket on the front of the bike... ringing... and me sat there singing as cycling along no hands... " havent they heard the news ! ... why on earth would they think anyone is gonna pay their" utter paradise Monty Python, gorgeous...funny...)

to publisher, NEVER EVER fizzy or perturbed.. that is the POINT.
If one simplifies such that needs, overheads.. everything is so minimal - and the 'needs' one is the big one...
get used to as last night its raining, so give the motor a quick brush down so the rain rinses entirely in tune with seasons - winter was for being ibn a 'cave' with someone sane and fine minded to speak with...well that was the plan...forget everyone else ...

get used to only the most basic of foods ..simple... enjoy every bite.. but much more important accept the body and its ageing - laugh at every new trick it tries to play... accept the NHS have for years often been criminally negligent due laziness etc..and inability to keep up with SCIENCE - egen the BBC managed this - be up in DAYLIGHT. loadsa exercise... loadsa UV... boosts your immunity and cures 99% of known 'depression... (much recorded evidence of that...and one senior nurse telling me 2015 i am RIGHT... ).and he body is an extraordinary thing - THEMIX...symbiosis.. that so often cures itself - but you have to wait patiently...and never fret

all of that in a mix, bigbux...i know that... the over 50s and a reduced cirx...smiling at every step down the  ladder to... not much
BUT ALSO finding the true deep philosophical lesson in every failure, sleight, rejection, derision..

that i know is true GOOD PURPOSE.. but cowriter would be good.

Mrs "Hel***d...river tv"

but no one ever can ever follow anything of course they are on the hamster wheel of never actually BELIEVING simplicity does in fact work and i am off with the fairies...

not me, wrong person

And Mrs publisher (VERY good talk on Meghan pod with chap about this - publishing been taken over by silly sugar addicted fat over sensetive angry women... who of course as they have no brain, fell in with 'woke' - when we knew the aforementioned problems make you...angry - especially the sugar and chubbiness...add in Dr (Oxford prof) Susan Grenfelds SUPERB science 25 years ago "all small screens ALWAYS make you feel shit... fact verging on clinically depressed.. always...and always will [i experimented witha  3 grand show off 8"... she was fact  i already knew... no matter how good it made me look sat in my bookshop with it... 15" is required... always..]" 
perfect storm. Misery guts in charge of books...
being depressed by actual dint of having a 'smartphone' topolk at and communicate... in a bad mode.. by dint of science
they will assume i am the same.
That is called a not very virtuous circle.. so i guess i better self publish..unless

me always one there to listen to any interesting i am only interested in publishing a book on how EVERY single sleight, insult.. being badly thought of... has nothing to do with me -your problem... 

superest simple living n poetically ..almost  'hewn'


means once used to certain reductions in cirx... every dawn at dawn i feel absolute king... 

and  thing publishers need to 'see this

as every literary person especially in the 'trade' is such a contemptuous snob and Thatcherite bastard/bitch ...while pretending to be other... 

not one smallest bit of philosophy or poetry in them....

... i have looked, experimented...observed

( i mean Ian Mckewan - sir...his last 20 years of stuff so awful its aft)

they wont believe unless its rammed down their fat necks..

and anyway they wont want it as simplicity = matter what - never be upset or feel left out.. or  even looked down upon. reduce needs and expenses and all melodrama and performance..are simply for others. And if that is who you all are - i only pity you. It is so boring... every day i discover some real, genuine, little trick or failure in my mind  to be a bit more zen and in fact more functional..

but i guess the mermaid/men..druggies... and all the lost loons ..made so by bad tv and bad culture... could no longer even believe it is true

oh yes  - all those awful ego maniacs of the past - bookmen   the men were worse..Salinger etc ..'recluse'  no of course if someone writes something useful it is utter contempt for society  not to appear occasionally and speak about their work and how it came about etc...No artist should ever be 'special' because that only proves their at is useless as if it leaves you needing to be special...its a failure.

If any publisher gets desperate their other bourgeois books no longer selling... 

even if he public bore me to hermitude..i know here is a responsibiliy especially in these days of children requiring all to be on their silly screen..i am not going to hide away.. nown again come down and have a campfire chat on youtube as long as in the DAY...

as i am at my best 6am - lunchtime .. by afterlunch drained by  he innabiliy of anyone ever to communicate..or mean what they be it

your loss.

....authenticty i know the key to all...... bright eyes....straight backs.always...