Saturday 17 June 2023

stated by the English! "you could fix my dad's house"

 A pattern one started to encounter 3 years ago...

or rather January 2020.

Seems to have become a standard way the English mermaid class attempt to endear themselves... every word a lie...

i encountered it again - 3 week solid legal help session of her from late April.. by a 40 year old so fucked up by (she admits later on after days of accusing her father to me as she admits no evidence a "sexual child abuser"..) her mothers alcohol drugs and emotional abuse during her first decade...

her dad's house (that was the deal - i get that work - cheaply renovating for sale..) will rot..and be repossessed by the baliffs or whoever else benefits from endless streams of young women  - or 55 year old ones too, who cannot ever ever have a straight relationship with down to earth chap who could fix it - reliably...RELIABLE is god, cheaply, and no hassle...

 I learned...never believe even a 55  - 65 year old country living English woman who says (the BIG project 'offered' a year ago)..  it is fantasy - to make them seem somehow decent... when they...

nope stop, no interest... why one needs simple life - even that act of frankly emotional manipulation " you can restore my beloved dad's old unused property...[ first one the London based psych expert looking after your mental..]"  is...toxic. Leave i long ago knew, or stay onlyn to write poetical riffing... and build a non british womans ...whatever


this material would be far far far more lovely and photographically poetical.

Were it not for (i never blame others..i KNEW..i knew better... but define a fool: even in the last 10 days TWO ultra mermaids - i mean ultra - 50-65 year old even if the 65 year old pretends she isnt a  wrinkled old very sourpuss...

 her free accomodation i arranged echoes..

these are your LEADERS in spiritual magnificence and building 'new' resilient 'community'..

" i will pay your come for meeting [long way away...] [and last December - january] for the many visits to library to work on my fucking fraud.."

but both are on 'tape' of late promising to pay...

one even in writing....  

she has had my bank details 4 times in last 10 days...actually 2 weeks bless err...

and again... this morning

i am not nasty though it is hinted (in a letter)  if she can read... her name may appear... there.. 

why waste even more time ...

but MY time is wasted on them...never mind my diesel to charge batteries to waste time on them.... 

so i havent bet gotten to the graceful sublime version here

many lifeforce affirming pictures and shorter vids

...and cannot. 

As ..

guess what

nothing left in my pot

to even potter into town to use the library plug

so what

years ago in learned from the toughest of them all.

never believe  a word from her (many properties)

on the town council, her...

just as we open up after 'lockdown' - "you can have that tough job.. get some wages in for you" 

grace is doing the allotments restoration - picking up all HER dropped glass, and weeds...

even when as all the rest she doesnt pay her last weeks ..bill.

And the gorgeous photos i have from that fraud... could be  a whole exhibition.

of the truth

but it makes me sad. i do NOT judge (though that generalisation is hard - Grayling on 'Morality' - i have it with good 'moralising' is often illiberal! absolutely!, but then there are 'social mores' - to quote him  - one is not ripping off people you charm and charm..and pretend for months you really admire them and love the work they do for you...and hook them there with the 'dads house' thing, and later on weirdly seem to attack when ... [to be cont]

- so all i do for a decade is merely maintain an accurate chronicle 

because the next generation of English need to know exactly how even the 'dads' house thing was used

in vain.

Me i have a heart - ALL dads houses need fixing and keeping in use for someone else...

despite the English 'daughter''''ssss'

But i know i am no fool. I lost....accept losing.  But never again.

And never again allow one of these mermaids to rip me off.. thieve in fact is what it actually is. Defraud. 

But i never report anyone in.... great rhymes one day may come... as they never 'get' to me...ever.

Indeed i only pity..

* 50+ year old one would hope just MAY be able to recall offering a much needed (MUTUAL NEED)  job is exactly that: social mores...needs to be meant..(esepesh in periods of societal ';crisis'.. huhhh) 

my recent reminer..TWO 45 year olds,  in one year!  year same sort of bullshit waffled me... they have no hope - they are above words ever meaning anything (due example of their elders i guess...)