Saturday 24 June 2023

" services suspended"

 Now i could do a major consumer affairs, affair.

Especially, of late, turn...

three months 

of the most rediculous malarkey

knoqnwn to man...

in respect of 'negotiations' with

' Three', or are they '3'

to actually adhere to the simplest ever three paragraph contract

( to Punjab, where they all natter, as if they matter, even if when they call in, their call- centre is miraculously caller id located in 'Rotheram' if they tried to fake ' Totness' that would be funny ): " honey.... now i have you slowed down to a pace of talking... i can hear, and listen to...while i 'm walking

you do not need to talk

only listen: 

contracts my sweet have been around probably since even sanskrit was invented

to be unable to read your own so simple one

with me

means you're all demented"

the truly moral art of

bu ART

not paying uncontractual bills...

until the last possible moment

their robot will maybe cut you off..

go on then Mister Bot

i pay my dues.

I am cut off for not paying my undues

well, this 1500 quid ace video camera

stays in my pocket and you can keep my number if ypu want

a sanecman has a plan b...

knowing narcissistic BPD

swept a lot of the world and of course even they cannot read

to be cont

but my odyssey MUST be over, finished, the end..

i know the fun of it every day 

( an Oxford fellow a fellow known 25 years..a few years ago, another not-really-religious-bigot, cheat " its tricky this Sublime [ he attempting the 3 volume difinative work...failed] ...i know one thing, it recreates itself every day..."

shame no other aware or insightful people actually had one millisecond of faith in what...

rhey SHOULD preach...better

anyway being an intellectual is hard, as there is rarely any one simple course of events as' cause'...

but at last journalist Bowen grew up with his early spring series on wireless...

"no liar bastard 2003 iraq, 

probably no  bolstered utin helping Assad, or 2014 russian actions in E Ukraine. . no Trump, no Farage... " 

Bowen fairly unequivocal... excellent series.

But they akways leave out and of course we must not be 'personal' but if there is any history in 100 years.. i am sure someone unless the western dumbing down obviously started about 1990 as many said then.. may ponder..


that nuke day 2023 ... Putin on the run

arguably traced back to 2003..

now what did we have in 2003? .. the two most zealot ( even if zealot-lite) Christian " god is on our side"  leaders possibly of the century.

the problem with being a secret  christian zealot, is that if one has even 1%  'godly' reasoning....

then you are 100% polluted and in fact 100% a zealot

even if the nukes next week are 10% attributable to  crazed godsquad bossmen ... who didnt hide godsquadness which any sane person should

be clear, the majority who never assume there is any divine anything...

are not the main most of them are reasonably rational...especially when it matters ( in matters of war and the like.)..consumerism, environment...pissing in own sane leader ever but then...tbc