Wednesday 28 June 2023


 having had the best 24 hrs in a

 liwww town..



it is kairos time...

The time.

to go all the way til the wheels

 fall off a burning ship with 

the fuckin red arrows in hot 


when not wasting fuel... ear...

showing off

Having, odysseyed ... to the edge 

of the rotting land....

sewerage even in her creek...

the mermaid  smiling at me over 

fishn chips.. just a few days earlier

" no our rivers are fine.."

" to yoga"

but the journey.

of course.... having for the first 

time seen despite pledging

 no way ever

( having genuinely rescued 

Michelle 2009 " i been kidnapped

 and gang raped by the 

shame-men and druids of 

Glastonbury...a year

bet she was exagerating so she 

could steal our van cooker a

 few weeks lalater ... 

poor me i am 'vulnerable' so am exempt



but its summed up

talk about the thieving sha-wimmin

 and ( to be 'inclusive' i even

 interviewed the official 

' wizzard' with his fancy 

begging bowl on their street

 which summs up....

of course... the curators of the soul,

 for filthy lucre of that filtiest 


where Maureen doesnt pay her 


" i shall pay your fuel.... after all 

i demanded you come and allow

 me to stay here..another year...

. by dint of marriage....... " 

a yank fraudulent

wreckons better pucking from the suckers

there... old enough to be lethal,

 at it all her life i bet.... so practiced in

 perfect " lean in... when the soul

 is ready... lets all..listen...

 ' energy' ... bullshit, no  poor

 humble latterday non YankBrit would 

have a chance in their

 lethally exocet sharp market"

especially now interest rates back

 to historical...norm

and 'discretionary spend' on snake oil

likely off the cliff, too..

few days later, though in her 

case why bother ... theyll just deport


"  i got it in writing luv... 

soliciting an illegal act...

 though you only offered 

my expenses money to come

 negotiate your illegal act...[ i wouldnt dream off but didnt

tell her, i already promised 

and this woman owes 5000

 for time

fully relocating her here in covid

 year.. she a refugee from gone-nuts 



accom a month i sorted... lifts

etc ..

. pay the fuck up or else and 

your personal comments 

about my soul are as boring

 and control freak sad and

 low esteemed as all the rest of

 them... [ the rest of this 

type of sad lost woman]"

because you, as well, never

 DID..anything to protect

 'mother earth' you con your 

'followers' you ... worship...

which creates low self your 

soul as it does in anyone 

despite your painted on eye glaze

 suggesting you have the eternal

 shamaic key to bliss and 


so i have real empathy...

pay up now or else"

( but she wont ever be invited here, nor 

her unique name used in full... thats

 only for the 'British')

of course

the curators of clicks ..

have 'blocked' or not 'shared'...

 their headline moment

so we must go to spain...

home of real people.

wa she there i wonder...?. at 'Glasto' doesnt want to share


saw them once already 

2015 i recall

" dad.... mind fucked.... better than all the rest of heavy rock i seen put together....real...soul...ok you old gits were at least the REAL..thing"

all the way

especially since i have had a few clues as to what course to sail...

so absurdly vibrational with megga witch energy it is daft