Tuesday 27 June 2023

 I think somebody understands this.....

I really do understand this......

And i am fairly sure that I understand, her at last.....


and how truly era-emportant making art, rearl 'art' exploring and defining in simple terms, with real experience rather that performef through a telehone, or by refusing to, is the most important endeavour one could attempt. Being the inauthenticity has simply swept over, tsunami, almost all...( proof again today)

Because time and again, for years, i know the inauthenticity ... is the one behaviour that exhausts, in fact devours us all, both the originator and the person on the receiving end. As aware recipient I survive ... even if it is the ultimate boring  environment- in fact more sterile and hostile to life than fallout from a full scale nuclear clash. Kills all. Forever. And i care not for myself. I care for another.

Saving someone valued from a life of that mysteriously fossilised forrest, at all costs, is not 'fixing'. It is in fact giving birth.

A real artist... who also had a real life... of real love. Committed. And famously, the least mad artist of all time. because he strove for real authenticity...always, the real brand you put to the test... and succeeded. And thus his art was always a true success... in spite of not so ' beautiful', looks... my teenage cohort's guru. Never been bettered.

 Nothing changed- he could be singing of a little park I have spent my time in of late

I need to tell my Jasmine story. The one woman who some years after our mutial  flattery moment so poignant and life affirming, and real, even Tolstoy could not imagine it

I heard from her some years later, that she meant it. And i know she was telling the truth

The ... well.... you need to listen to the last, line

but of course it's so trendy to ' accept' death...before you have even lived, the authentic life he did.

i call that .. yes that...being "martyr"