Friday 30 June 2023


 At last.

All the 'flows' figured.

 All the whirlpools to avoid.

And after 9 months! :-) 

And now the course plotted.

Only in the calms. Still.

Be still


(even if i do like it that Meghan and  - proppah evolutionary biologist,  

Diana Fleischman

really really scathe the emoji - most intelligently


please note, though i could (and have my intelligent fancy pants essaying, too)..... i do not monetise via substack.

In fact KEEP IT SIMPLE dotcom

my my another badly fathered child.

Meghan and  Sarah

no oner taught her to BACK THE FUCK UP...twice

Her "wow great online resource the letters of him and me.."

were dependent upon some yankee liars - no diferent from mermaids here,  "we will always be able to keep this service going for your online debates and discussions"

until one day hey see he benefit

'cost benefit' of keeping up online Sarah's resource she was using for research...

is no longer a benefit to them

And its...gone....

ANYthing can be and should be backed up offline ...always, forever...

but especially the unparented could never know that. As no one helped them learn... the HABIT...'always'.

Never mind we knew 3 friggin..5 years ago

"Don't believe the hype".... EVER

at last.... 9 monhs on i can get to double backing up all my bits and bobs...

in a QUIET!!!! (thats impossible!) library...

Zen, calm, soulfulness, peace,  HOW IT SHOULD BE YES I AM SHOUTING...its called being HUMAN. Respect...LISTENING... hearing

not assuming, BUT being brave enough to face fact: for years THE PEOPLE (not politicians or anyone else who may be blamed)  the library PERSON.... irrespective of badge whom employs...

lost it


forgot....other human beings may indeed have the RIGHT to quiet in the place for many a century that was the point of 

(while in the background he mermaids will be LOUDLY  - no thought for others who dont want o hear their fresh-from-yoga [on his money] ..loud 'energy' glow...  plotting how they are going to get fat grant checks for some new 'space' ... they invite all and sundry, only if they can donate-pay....)