Sunday 25 June 2023

 but the best

not simple things


but so simple

because one is either authentic or


is from this early spring.

i decided not to be me any more

to set an example

cos thats what " daddy" does

for god knows whom...

but if you mean authentucity is worth fighting all the way for

i know for whom. now.


if a nationally spinning themselves

as saviour grant supplier to the landsmen.

charm and spin themselves to me...

but never deliver...

no more mister nice guy

not to 'fight', but 

BE the change....

which in real lerson language means, white knuckle all the way..


maybe even... they take revenge

all or nothing

and i even got a swanky new fully rated crank-a-van battery out of...

the liars...

with such grace  and online message kusses  ...its daft

to be continued