Friday 9 June 2023

The subtle body

lots to do

a few references to build here...soon

within 24 hrs

A great talk

The Subtle Body

Academic Sarah Goldingay examines how different faiths use the concept of ‘the subtle body’ to understand the mysterious relationship between body, mind and soul.

The question of how these three relate to one another has been a source of fascination and curiosity for centuries. Although many Western traditions have often seen them as separate and distinct elements, the concept of the subtle body envisions them as deeply intertwined.

Tracing the idea of the subtle body across multiple faiths and spiritual practices, from Hinduism and Buddhism to the mystical Jewish Kabbalah tradition, Sarah asks what it can teach us about the mysteries of the soul. Along the way, she examines some of the ways that poets, musicians and thinkers have explored the relationship between the corporeal and the spiritual. The programme features the poetry of Emily Dickinson, the jazz of Alice Coltrane and Beethoven’s symphonies.

Sarah argues that the concept of the subtle body has not only been used to understand the deep connection between the body and the spark of life that animates it, but also as a way of forging a connection to other people and the world around us.

recorded here... i care 

But so so so...much to catch up on now.

Just to be still!

A month running around several counties,  having the tent  on wheels fixed.

Two weeks PR ing...sort of.... at the festival of so called literature....

But then...

And such a weird and wonderful little Odyssey to get to the end of the road.  All captured in image - some poignant, and even some audio...

But stop. Be stopped now. It's nice already... being nothing. Anonymous. Not known... 


And at last...

Life is ok if at 9am on a Thursday one has some REAL education to enjoy. Absolute peace.... stopped.

And what  a lesson - Oedipus himself demised as he could not stop being his 'identity' 

THE great play...that started it all. perhaps.

with about as good a view as i gets..


But i ...well, even here... the inhumanity in he library... for YEARS in this awful land no one can be QUIET! when someone is just toodling along trying to read a little..write a little...

Hologram / all UTTERLY lost for good....?
I just call it mass formation selfish fat headedness
Bu i know it wont change
Quietness only ....sought...aside

Meanwhile a journey's end
Takes a littler while to get used to.
And yes it is bodily, entirely.
Great audio recording on Wednesday wandering a new horizon as i realised my body had stared to take back on one  thing that is entirely physical whenrealising... becoming..BEing..- when there is no idea what if anything next. I have been here enough times before, but even after causing it to 'happen', only a few days later did i feel it really the new bodily state

SO be it, not my topic to communicate
 WHy exist ultra simple.
Well the answer is to get this far in life. Despite hell and other people.

And  a few others only just a place of total zen

And any reader - please come back - i already have the new new start insights.. this time nicely written on my new very large pad....i am in for the long run.