Wednesday 21 June 2023

"why schism"

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now a post

sat at a fine gatepost

and updated hahh hahhh by...a feed..

but don't think i break Sam Harris's 'social contract'.  when you go to work - as day rate yeoman,  somewhere a dedadded angry (very sexy) 21 year old chick clucks around.... and even one day vents her rage (at her dad) in a hotel bedroom (i am fixing the Polish builder absolute joke fixins)  - you better have your recorder. on... as a few weeks later we discover she has ALL thertime as she wishes to confect a tribunal case against her 21 year old coworker gay man...

this is YOUR England...

mine i know full well 60 year old so 'sensitive' - she wears on her sleeve of course... coworker woman willconfect some nonsense... better  make sure we are protected from her...

(several episodes where their nasty angst is handled so well its daft...classic historical no raising to their really nasty unable-to-know their own mind.. moments)

utterly hilarious... final episode to "even here...i would wander my Herrock hills saying as of 5 or so years ago... even here  - it should ot have become so even there... but did. The end. Thats why to another country if i can afford to write he great book on how to live ultra simply and enjoy every new if they never i do....)


Not a nice pic...i have millions much nicer.

But some quietitude for hermitude

Last nightitude..

When ALL that matters, as soon as i parked up...happened

"Why schism" ? 

But be clear this is only about the English... even if it started with one Centrally European bornish... as English as they come - she had i discovered over the years been ...infected.

Apart from the 'environment' takes a village to raise a child... 

But what that MEANS - is 21 years ago a [only] performative 

(whom, as i am NEVER a cynic...i believed in as real and essential  -all my adult life from 16
because i WAS raised  - reset, humanised,
by a few fine examples of them

mother hen...

Now me as a 40 year at least theoretical; 'community' person - atomised 20s but still aware it matters because i ahd had fine influences in late teens...even if one becomes a lifelong junkie (oops errata "the [strong skunky] herb i guzzle every day makes me ..aware!!! smileyemojii are not!!"and works in one of your major hospitals (and i know she is symbol, of many many others like her)

Mother hen
 [paid as!! by ..'donation' even then]
when a REAL matter comes along for her top 
little chic.
all those hugs and smiles
never even figures in her bed
may be really GREAT advice
get involved
help someone else
nope - helping with REAL life
that's... hard

not complete
But timely

reference to - dozed asleep last night..
Now i have studied (meaning ALONE - all university education in uk for decades is perverted by vanity)

The very best writers in 'human evolution', over a decade from my mid 20s
Big library i still have.

This one - woman speaker.
actually ok - far far too full of 'certitude' - the best scientists say 'maybe'..

but clearly is a senior authority - to her calling

And even if

 (WRONG - i can bring evolutionary biological objectivity... to my own far ranging people experience - sorry ...she insults the 'femniine' by saying [the most serious human fuckup according to her] is "the great majority of borderline personality disordered people [ she emphasises is true damage car crash in they are there functioning in them...many such women she implies.].. this is wrong - yes car crash in the head disorder is lethal... has destroyed 'community' and even my own life many times...  but i know - especially the last 7 years... ALL men are just as lost to exact same 'borderline personality disorder' - except the fat man but he is useless...too scared to actually DO anything...but harass me... 100% certain this BPD is pandemic - by objective measurement and i am sorry it is men too ... exact equality)

she is no longer professor...she clearly will be main voice in media (media use people like her as their go-to)

And her saying so many women are truly dangerous car crash fuckups
means that it will be believed across US and then UK so called intelligent media

And then the nonsense of polyamory yet another silly self aggrandising load of bullshit...

my will for example - i dont care any second if i die - thats being HAPPY!

but if i had a couple of ...

society / pensions (obviously even Hendrix' daughter is a very very avaricious young thing,..her daddy's black life mattered...cos every royalty she can scrape  and sue to protect famously her obsession) is based on property rights...

me happiest person ever i need none except corner of field to put a jallopy and tent

i do know my many year real life chronicles are good

law...makes it defacto that it is all inherited by only one helpmeet

actual schism...

Proof of - i was right...

BEST last day of writing ever

I mean an epistle that Paul herself would have been proud of

... " custodian of the true happy end of the  twenty year tale..."

nope - BPD the lot of them....

because thats what a 'personality' is....was for thousands of years..

.....need a few of them to raise then ease a child into adulthood...which only really starts 45...nope

butterfly Teletubbyitis one and all... especially those  - English...whom speak of on their facebook 'community'..