Friday 23 June 2023


 not an apt word, as i have been a constant person pretty much all the last 7 years.

( god i love this woman philosopher  i had not had time to fully until yesterday. twice i listened to On Our Time...

peacewoman but also her disdain of the term 'I' 

so many times i havw tried to communicate with a Brit the last 7  years if i write 'I' ... I MEAN SIMPLE UNIVERSAL OBSERVATION...I MYSELF AM PERFECTLT FINE THANK YOU

just bored of the ...well all of them whom assume it is some ego trip....nope

or attemp to dominate by thoughtful ..insights... floating notions, that are universal and many in fact well written of in GOOD.. literature from the 1920s... through the 60s.... 

authenticity is so so hard especially in uk... ( with so many English industrial purveyors of that... so so much more so from 2020...)

and i know how they really are...

it is not what they these days so so so expertly online preach    .. someone not so manically driven as them ( due THEIR ..du bord society of the spectacle...etc... society of performing goodness when we should have been in Thw Hague decades ago. . 

nothing new in the english obsession with subtle performance...

based on lies

i knew a Beatle wife and son

sadly they were part of my youth

still part of my ( absurd spectacle schismd from family it seems)

ALL fake...all

Lennon  only managed to see his only son  once or twice in a decade...

him the richest star in the world could have hired a 707 to have breakfast with him 5 days a week for a decade...and still have booze and drugs cash lwftover for a lifetime



in Britain 

and you are mentally ill 

as thene parks make people, just  sohahhh hahhh..

( why uk far far higher serious mental illness issues than EU average... 5 or more times... and uts gettin a lot...worse)

 some failed authentrice...would be better off putting real talent

to something else

they truly do exceed in

to be continued...

last video upliad day

i have what i wish to say

at last

then..( already in vid this morn... the true pkeasure of THESMALLTHINGS

and the simple life...looking after them.

always, no matter what

makes me much happier and THEMIX all round feeling great...

than typing this on the horrid smalscreen...

even a larger one i may get to..


( blogger com such a disaster trying to write on phone utter nightmare

cant enlarge...

cant paste

miniscule text.... ..give up...for now