Monday 24 July 2023

" and they bring their children up so awfully!"

 said the Katerina creatrix

so good to hear.... one truth once.

sad ... not consistently.

anyway, that really is IT!


is largely what simple living is all about.

Other modes too of course.

the habit of always check minimal equipment on board:..backpack and if taking something out last eve, put it back...

laptop lead.

a so noisy library it is daft, is no good without a laptop... lead

oh well wasted day...

But that reminds me....


15 years ago a sane parent would have one....parenting is i did...

but no more.

The yoga women... Alison and juicy Lucy

supermodel Lucy ( both arrivals from Londonish 2007ish)

stop! a call!!!

me in library i dont take calls

unlike the latterday yogamat ( actual, saggy ageing, ex Harpers or The Natural Store) supermodel Lucies 35ish...

even if the shouts of the latterday Lucies nearby about their

..their childrens books... woukd drown me out

quickest version, so ...that v v wet summer think it was 08

not getting to Hay beach that often.

river VERY turbulent... fierce flow... really a one off for late July. except everyone knew all we talked about eas how sad our veach unusable...for weeks!

one rare  nice late afternoon

make text plan with Alison ( 2 kids 8 and 10) ... "i will be there in   30"

and they knew me 100% reliable

slight delay tourists clogging up very high in hills lanes... a bit of mud on road equals moral panuc for townies

normal in v rural places i lived in as they...two latterday  Hay babes....knew

40 min...

we arrive....

5 kids by side of one else..

.....age 5 - 12....

no one else

really raging river only 1 metre away....

very narrow shingle beach...usually high summer 50 m wide...

no one else...

good job a certain person there for the next hour...45 mins if i am kind

with all 6 kids....

hour later along come two yoga mat very beautiful women..... designersaris.... Lucy with her extreme designer ashram everything....and sunglasses from vogue

deep in spiritual ' conversation'..

on what could be seen...insighted..( i spied them yonder...coming back from far away)

about THEIR spirits....

i wonder if their conversation may have been a tad different if maybe poor ( fiscally, no stolen or inherited loot) neighbour, moi..may have had 

maybe a flat on the way down the road from our hills...

and the six year old gone for a paddle... and slipped...and the 8 9 10 year olds tried to maybe rescue....


and many times since i have seen many a variant.

Only that one time did i even raise my voice " what planet have you two come  ferkin cone from..!!"

and of course Juicy Lucy never even acknowledges again i am even, the same supermarkey queue as her..and her alive kids

after that....Wye Bother

( they post modern ironically call the cleaning lady 'solutions' round there these days)

but i know why Katerina creatrix the only half sane one i ever met...

but of course like sexist girlfriend of Voltaire...  

turned against him, too... i guess, too ..will she

why? i have no idea..